BulletWhale Games

Our Mission

We aim to take over the world with an army of weaponized whales. To fund this, we create the games we’d love to play but nobody is making.

We put our own spin on our favourite genres, by learning from the best and cranking it up to eleven. The result: fast-paced, first-person shooters that make you and your friends feel badass. Our design methodology? Over-sized guns, frenzied action, and some other classified stuff…

We’ve got bullets, we’ve got whales, lets rumble!


Arjen Miedema

Arjen has a billion game ideas and usually enters the office in a monologue about his new game ideas.


Jop Vermeer

When Arjen comes up with a new game idea, someone would usually say “that doesn’t work” or “don’t do that”, but Jop says “let’s add more explosions”.

Our Games

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