League of Lasers

Superhuman sports in mixed reality


League of Lasers is a motion-based game for the Microsoft HoloLens where two teams compete in a mix between football and Pong. Players use `virtual mirrors’ to try to guide a laser pulse towards the opponent team’s target. The game aims at stimulating interaction between players by making cooperation a vital part of the gameplay, while having them physically move near each other. The game tracks the physical movement of players as the main control actions.

League of Lasers was commissioned in 2018 by dr. Stephan Lukosch as a graduation project, taught by dr.ir. Rafael Bidarra at Delft University of Technology. It was developed by Niels de Bruin, Shaad Alaka, Jop Vermeer and Arjen Miedema with coaching by dr.ir. Rafeal Bidarra and dr. Stephan Lukosch. A scientific paper has been published about the game.


League of Lasers has been awarded the jury price for innovative Human Computer Interactions at the 2018 GALA serious game competition. At the Superhuman Sports Design Challenge, League of Lasers came in second place.