Co-op Roguelike Survival Fps


Slay the cult, save the future. Go back in time to fight the blood cults and their vampiric overlords before they get a chance to consume humanity. MAYHEM blends together the gameplay of Call of Duty Zombies and Doom topped off with AAA graphics and a powerful score by Mendel bij de Leij (Aborted, System Divide, Mendel).

Brutal fast-paced combat that rewards skill. Shoot and dodge your way through overwhelming odds. Push yourself to improve and outwit relentless enemies.

Explore the handcrafted castle. Use your enemies blood to unlock new rooms and abilities. Use the new found spaces and resources to survive the increasingly difficult challenges. Plan ahead carefully. Every choice has a consequence. Do your choices lead to the future you want to save?

Personalize your playstyle with a large selection of weapons, perks and upgrades to choose from, creating endless combinations to replay the game endlessly.



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